Please join us for an evening of POETRY + PROSECCO as we celebrate the release of MC Shurett's book, “HOME”

I'm so thrilled to be back in SD, my home for the past 6 years, and I'd LOVE to see you here!  

Publishing a book and having a book signing party has truly been my dream since I was seven. Maybe other kids were playing house with dolls...not me, I was making those barbies and teddy rumpskins my audience members as I stood and read them all my fascinating thoughts on life. Mainly, my versions of "I have a dream" speeches. 

So yes, tonight is special and it will be very special to see you here. We'll have some candles, share a little toast and I'll do an official reading and perhaps a sound bowl (it's my new thing) Whatever unfolds will be glorious. Below is a bit more about the book, "Home":

Home is a collection of poetry about the journey from codependency to wholeness; from victimhood to personal accountability; from thinking something or someone outside of yourself was going to be the thing that made everything okay - to reclaiming your okay-ness within yourself no matter who may or may not...want you. The book is divided into three sections, each expressing an important part of the journey home to oneself. The early childhood experiences that form us, the victim consciousness that trap us in blaming, and the inevitable return to personal accountability, self-love and freedom. Shurett writes conversationally and authentically. Refreshingly useful and honest, Home is packed full of essential wisdoms for busy people looking to make a little more sense of what's going on in the areas of love, dating, grief, codependency and sex.

Until soon! 

Mary C