In collaboration, Jess Kay Designs and Gabriela Agape are beyond excited to introduce to you:

Buti Crystal Night - a monthly theme-centered night of movement, meditation, and healing. We'll take our Buti Yoga practice to a deeper level through an optional extended 30 min savasana meditation + crystal healing.

First Tuesday of each month starting June 6th

Pricing: $22 Drop-in, 1 reg class in class packages, included in unlimited membership.

1hr of Slow Flow Buti Yoga with Gabaccia (Reg scheduled class)
30 min (optional) savasana + crystal healing meditation with Jessica Roth

For the first event of the series, our theme will be Self-Love. 

In a world where we regularly (think we have to) prioritize ourselves second or third, we often forget to go deep within to nurture the roots of our very own love. The truth is if we are not practicing self-love we are also not loving fully beyond ourselves. Incorporating Buti Yoga, world dance, crystals, and the Polynesian practice of reconciliation Ho’ponopono, we’ll move through a soothing experience of release, forgiveness, and love.