Our COREcompass program is Launching on April 29th!

If you haven’t tried a COREcentric class and felt the world of difference it makes for your core strength and function, then this is your chance to dive in fully.


What is COREcompass?

Inspired by the COREcentric practice of strengthening and mobilizing the core, this well-rounded 4-week program is designed to get you on your way to a flat and functional abdomen. Combining The Movement Lab’s top fitness classes, exclusive support from the COREcentric team,  weekly meal plans, and a closed-community, you will gain the momentum necessary to attain your personal goals.


How much is it?

COREcompass is INCLUDED** when you sign up for our upcoming 3hr COREcentric Intensive workshop on April 29th. Regular pricing will be revealed for the following COREcompass session, starting approximately on June 1st, 2017. ***


What will I need to do?

Easy! After the 3hr COREcentric Intensive, you will have learned all the basics of how to maximize your ab workouts and you will receive your COREcompass roadmap. You’ll be taking 5 classes per week (Vinyasa Sculpt, COREcentric, Buti, or Barre Beats), learning smart meal-planning through practicing Elease’s most wanted fast and effective shopping lists + recipes* (with a $145 weekly budget per 4-person family!), and sharing + showing your support with the program community.


Limited Spots Available. Sign up in studio or give us a call.


*Omnivore program (vegetarian substitutions can be easily applied by you!)

**A 1 month unlimited membership to The Movement Lab upgrade is available for participants interested in doing the full-program (meal plan + exercise). 

***Notice that COREcentric Intensive is not part of the COREcompass program, you have the option to sign up to the program as a supplement to all your learnings + to gain momentum towards your #absgoals