You Play & Sweat, we'll take care of your little ones.

We are here to support your physical AND mental well-being.  Childcare at The Movement Lab is offered Monday through Friday for our 9am and 10:15am classes.  All our childcare associates are trustworthy and experienced, being mother's themselves, older sisters, babysitters, and even Early Childhood Development Majors to ensure safety and reliability. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a clean and safe space for our members to bring their children; therefore, to maintain our offerings, we ask that our Members follow these rules and regulations:

  • $8 per. class OR $55 unlimited per. month (auto pay, 3 month contract) 3 classes per. week = $96 per month.  Well worth the $55 per month unlimited!
  • Pre-Registration - Due to limited space, we ask that you pre-register your child 24 hours in advance

  • No Nuts - We allow all children to bring one snack from home; however, we ask that there are absolutely no nuts in any of the products brought along

  • Water Only - We also allow children to bring a closed-container, water-only beverage

  • One Toy Maximum - Children are allowed to bring one toy from home (no small parts (choking hazard))

  • Bathroom Policy - Please understand that all diaper changes and other potty-related issues will be handled by the parent/guardian rather than our Childcare Associate

  • PBS Kids - Please understand that this program may be shown in our Childcare space.