Reiko is our very own Tokyo transplant who makes us sweat in style via her absolutely fabulous weekly choreos.


What class(es) do you teach at The Movement Lab?

Thursdays 10:15am Cardio Hip Hop


What moves you?

The music & beats!


A brief story of your life:

Born in Tokyo, Japan, was a competitive Rhythmic Gymnast, switched to a dancer & fitness instructor, moved to New York in 1992 to study dance at Alvin Ailey School. I performed on TV shows and Music videos. My husband and I moved to Connecticut in 1999 (Our first son was born) I enjoyed choreographing school plays & shows, also taught fitness classes while we were raising 2 sons. We moved to San Diego in 2012, started to teach classes again from 2014. My passion is to provide safe movement for any dance levels & ages, and to spread the joy and the benefit of brain & physical stimulation of choreography dance workout, and to create a happy dance community in North County San Diego.



How did you encounter the movement lab?

I walked by and loved the studio!


What is your favorite class to take at the lab?

Burlesque - need more sexy heel times!


What is your favorite class to teach?

Cardio Hip Hop


Favorite move(s) to teach and/or practice (and why?)

Syncopation movement with attitude.


Music (album, song, or artist) you swear by:

MJ, JJ, Mary JB, & songs written by Pharrell Williams.


What has been the most defining moment in your fitness career?

Seeing smiles, accomplishment, improvement, and excitement in my class!


Other Highlights of your fitness career:

Making the Elementary students who didn't want to dance at school plays into great dancers & seeing them enjoy performing on the stage.


A tough lesson you learned:

When I moved to NY. I was 21, I felt like I was a kindergarten kid again, had to learn everything and started from square one.

It was tough, but I'm so glad that I experienced it.


If you could change the world, where would you start?

Spread good vibes and positive energy!


How can we stay in touch with you? 


Facebook: Reiko Spivak & Cardio Funk with Reiko

Instagram : & @lucy.goldendoodle

YouTube videos :